We are a boy-led troop, but nonetheless, we need a lot of parent involvement to run successfully. Because of the rotating nature of any youth group, we need to continuously bring new parents into leadership positions. Some of the jobs which are needed:

  • Merit Badge Counselors work with scouts individually or in small groups to help them complete the requirements for various merit badges.
  • Assistant Scoutmasters assist the Scoutmaster in various aspects of running the troop program. This might involve leading camping trips, providing training/coaching for Patrol Leaders, performing Scoutmaster conferences, etc.
  • Committee Members are responsible for the administrative aspects of the troop such as finances, fundraising, documenting advancement, communications, etc. Committee members also conduct Boards of Review for scout advancement.
  • Drivers provide transportation to camping trips as well as towing equipment trailers if possible.
  • Cooks plan, shop, and lead cooking for the "dad's patrol" on a couple of camping trips a year.

Please contact Chris Janzen if you are interested in helping in any of these areas.All Troops require lots of adult involvement to function. The more you are involved; the better the Scouting experience for your son and the Troop. We are well organized and there are many formal and informal roles for adults. Formal roles for Troop Committee and Assistant Scoutmaster positions are based on invitation and approval.

Adult Leader Application


Troop 10 needs your help! The only way for us to offer a wide variety of merit badges is for YOU to share your time and experience in an area of interest. Please review the list of merit badges and choose one or two that you can be a counselor for. The "eagle-required" badges are particularly important.

You can find the latest badge requirements on line at along with helpful worksheets, links, etc.  Each badge also has a printed merit badge booklet available at the Council store or we may have a copy in the Troop library.

You can view online a Guide for Merit Badge Counseling and download a Merit Badge Counselor Orientation Training Guide.

To get started, you must first take online Youth Protection Training. Then contact Peggy Pelosi to get registered with BSA and attach the Merit Badge Counselor Information Form.