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2 - Select Merit Badges & Activities

2 - Select Merit Badges & Activities

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2 - Select Merit Badges & Activities

2 - Select Merit Badges & Activities

2 - Select Merit Badges & Activities

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Merit Badge and Activities Schedule

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2 - Select Merit Badges & Activities

3 - Complete Medical Forms

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When:  Jul 5-11, 2020


Camp Ockanickon

5785 State Park Road 

Pipersville, PA 18947


Camp Coordinator(s) (pre-camp planning):

Paul Valerio, 215-375-4759,

Summer Campmaster (during camp week): 

David Iannacone,  215-588-5361,


It is time to reserve your spot for a great week of fun with Troop 10 at Camp Ockanickon, Located in Pipersville, PA  and just 45 minutes away by car, Camp Ockanickon is our in-council scout reservation and a local favorite of boys in our troop.

Camp Ockanickon is a traditional merit-badge oriented camp.  Most Troop 10 scouts will want to participate in this. There is a great selection of merit badges, Trail to First Class advancement, and fun optional activities (see opposite page). Scouts will eat meals in the dining hall.

A limited number of adult leaders are needed as camp chaperones. An allocated number of adult leaders will attend at no cost.  

Camp Fees

Camp payment due dates are based on full payment. Discounts are available for early payment. The following fees include camp fee plus snacks and other treats provided by Troop 10 during camp. Payment may be made by check (made out to Troop 10) or via Zelle directed to Paul Valerio, 215-375-4759.

  • Arrow of Light Scouts: $430 (pay by 21 May mtg) 
  • Tier 1: $430 (pay by 27 Feb mtg)
  • Tier 2: $450 (pay by 23 Apr mtg)
  • Regular Payment: $485 (pay after 23 Apr mtg)

Camp Ockanickon Merit Badges & Other Programs

The camp offers an extensive merit badge program. Merit badge information and selection will be provided when camp finalizes the merit badge schedule. In addition to earning merit badges, qualifying scouts may participate in other special activities listed below, among others. Some age restrictions may apply.

Dan Beard Program – Dan Beard is the 1st year camper program for new scouts. It is designed to give new scouts an opportunity to earn a number of the rank requirements from Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st Class Ranks. It also gives the scouts a chance to earn Art Merit Badge, and also cover Instructional Swim, or Swimming Merit Badge, depending on their swimming ability at the beginning of the week. Scouts will also learn about knife, ax and saw safety and earn their Totin’ Chip during their time in Dan Beard. 




Q: Will my son have enough to eat? 

A; Yes. And the troop will likely have a pizza night too as a break from the mess hall. Spending money can be used to purchase ice cream or other treat as an afternoon snack.  

Q: Will my son take a shower and brush his teeth? 

A: He will be encouraged to do so but nobody will do it for him. At a certain point in human male development (usually within the scouting age range), boys realize that hygiene is a good thing.  

Q: How many badges should my scout sign up for?

A: Newbies will participate in the Brownsea program and may have the opportunity to earn Swimming and Nature badges too. Experienced scouts may sign up for 4-6 badges, depending on scheduling and difficulty. Be sure to leave some time for open sessions for climbing, swimming, boating, shooting, etc.

Q: Should I encourage my son to drink a lot of water? 

A: Yes. Newbies especially can forget to drink throughout the day. This, coupled with lots of activity in the heat, can cause heat exhaustion and we want everyone to stay healthy and happy. Scoutmasters and our senior scouts will encourage the same.   

Q: What happens if there's a big storm? 

A: Camps are well-prepared with sheltering procedures for unique situations such as strong summer thunderstorms.  

Q: Is it a good idea to text with my son throughout the week, asking him to send pictures of all the great things he's doing? 

A: No. In Troop 10, camping trips and summer camp are times when we want the boys to unplug and focus on each other, tasks at hand, and grow up a little bit each trip on their own. There will be plenty of stories to hear upon pick-up.  

Q: Is my son in good hands? 

A: Yes. There will be 6-7 Troop 10 leaders throughout the week, including those who have led our summer camp for several years, a registered nurse and a medical doctor. In addition, camp is fully staffed and trained to handle all situations, regular and irregular, that might come up.  

Q: What if my son gets homesick?​ 

A: He might be a bit sad and even cry a little. Then he will likely go swimming, ascend the climbing tower, learn first aid, sing camp songs, shoot archery, goof around with about 50 other Troop 10 scouts going to camp, etc. He will be supported by Troop 10 scoutmasters and fellow scouts. Scientific studies indicate that every Boy Scout has survived homesickness during camp.

Q: What are merit badge prerequisites?

A: Sometimes camps offer merit badges but do not have time to complete all the requirements at camp. They often call these requirements prerequisites. It is an option for a scout to communicate with our Troop 10 badge counselor in order to complete prerequisites prior to camp. Otherwise, the scout may still take the merit badge at camp and finish with a partial.

Q: What's this thing called a "partial"? Why didn't my son complete all of his merit badges? 

A: Sometimes scouts do not complete all requirements for a badge for numerous reasons. If this is the case, they will receive a partially completed requirements card. They then have the opportunity to complete the badge after camp by working with the appropriate Troop 10 merit badge counselor, which we are blessed to have for most of the popular badges.